The Inner Game of Tennis

June 2015

Gallwey, was a tennis coach, rather than a psychologist, and his insights were based on his observations of players in action.  He was the first person to consider in detail the inner game, which is the game that takes place in the mind between the two systems.  The first edition of the book was so significant that the tennis legend, Billie Jean King, described the book as 'her tennis bible'.

I was asked to write the introduction because of my world-leading academic research on these systems in everyday life.  I have shown how these two systems operate and think differently.  In ''Our Racist Heart? An Exploration of Unconscious Prejudice in Everyday Life’ , I demonstrated how they are behind the implicit biases connected with race often found in society.   'The Inner Game of Tennis' would never have had the impact it had if it was just an instructional manual for better tennis. It offers some genuine insights into what makes people tick, both on the tennis court and off it. The new edition is out in June.