modern life

September 2017

 I did twenty or so back-to-back radio interviews including BBC Nottingham, BBC Radio Tees, BBC Radio Devon, Radio Yorkshire, BBC Radio Shropshire etc. with Sally Gunnell on the pressures that we all face today, where we are expected to excel in all aspects of life. Sally is used to pressure, she is the only female British athlete to have won Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth titles, and the only female 400m hurdler in history to have won the Olympic and World titles and broken the world record. We talked about that insidious process of social comparison, fuelled by Facebook and other social media.  The pressures, of course, come from within and we realise that some of the expectations are unrealistic but we still feel guilty when we fail to meet them. Sally talked about the pressures of winning an Olympic gold, and the pressures she faces today as a working mum. Resilience in sport and in life seems to be the key, and we talked about how that can be developed, and what lessons we can learn from sport to apply to our more mundane everyday lives.