October 2017

Just got the cover of my new book. Marcel Danesi from the University of Toronto wrote a pre-publication review/set of comments and the publisher put a few sentences from him on the back cover.

‘Psychology has been influential in providing effective aid in alleviating many mental afflictions that confront contemporary humans; but it has hardly offered answers, or even explanations, to the "conflicted mind," which is a product of cultural and environmental factors—not purely cognitive ones. This book deconstructs psychology brilliantly, but also offers an in-depth and powerful assessment of the sources and outcomes of confused and inconsistent emotions. This is a brilliant book and highly recommended for everyone—psychologists and general public alike."
—Marcel Danesi, Ph.D., Full Professor of Anthropology, University of Toronto

The book is officially out in 2018 and Edge Hill University are having a launch on Thursday 1st February.