What do Kanye West’s tweets reveal about his inner thoughts?

February 2016

This week saw the launch of The Life of Pablo at Madison Square Garden, with a combined fashion show of his Yeezy Season 3 collection and album playback, which delighted some and puzzled others.

Dressing the Kardashian–Jenners in outfits co-designed by Olivier Rousteing (and not even part of the show’s main collection), playing his new album through a laptop and kicking off yet another argument with Taylor Swift, have all caught the media’s attention and generated much comment.

But what can we find out about the man from his famous tweets – often the source of controversy – and read by his 18.6 million followers?

Edge Hill University’s Professor Geoff Beattie has provided some analysis of Kanye’s recent twitter outburst for the BBC. You can read more about it here.