'Chasing Lost Times' UK Book Tour

August 2012

My son Ben and I talked at the Edinburgh International Book Festival about our book ‘Chasing Lost Times: A Father and Son Reconciled through Running’ in August, 2012.  We were interviewed about the book on BBC Breakfast, Woman’s Hour, the BBC World Service and BBC Scotland.  We also discussed the book at the Dundee Literary Festival in October 2012. 

The book was always intended to finish with the two of us doing the London Marathon, but injury unfortunately prevented me from taking part.  Ben ran it in 2 hours 35 minutes in April 2013 and was 76th overall.  I was, needless to say, extremely proud.

The book was reviewed by Athletics Weekly in January 2013 who wrote that ‘their tale is fascinating’; they added that the book ‘has received rave reviews so far and Athletics Weekly would also recommend it.’  Runner’s World reviewed it in May 2013 and wrote ‘An exploration of a father/son relationship at first strained by, and later restored by, running; a common interest that both divides and unites.  TV psychologist Geoffrey Beattie provides beautifully phrased insights into the complexities of family and running.’  

runners world

'Chasing Lost Times' was a book jointly written with my son Ben who is bordering on elite status as a distance runner. It explores how running, which is a lifetime passion of mine, brought us back together after we had drifted apart. This book explores the psychology of running but much more importantly it is a book about the psychology of a father-son relationship and those bonds that tie fathers and sons together regardless of what they go through.

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