BBC NW Appearance

October 2014

 I had recently reviewed some of the research on the possible psychological effects of (often unlimited) access to the internet on the development and psychological well-being of children.   The work was prompted by the development of a new mobile app, Mobile Force Field, designed as a child safety app, in which parents may monitor, detect, and filter potentially harmful content which may be received and sent through their child’s mobile device.  But did the possible risks and harms deriving from the use of the internet by children and young people warrant this kind of approach?  Some of my research review (commissioned by the company) connected to a number of my long-standing research interests, including implicit attitudes (are interviews with kids really the right approach here to assessing the risks and harm they face?) and emotional disclosure and health (given that kids don't want to talk to their parents about what they've seen online) to flag up possible areas for future research and development.