Electric Jukebox launching

August 2017

It was an international launch in the US and in the U.K. simultaneously.  Sheryl Crow was the spokesperson in the US, and they used Robbie Williams and others in the U.K. as champions of this new shared digital music experience.  The focus of the launch was that we really need something to pull families back together again, too much time is spent living essentially parallel lives with children and adults spending most of their time on personal tech, such as mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and computers.  The research commissioned by Electric Jukebox was quite alarming.  It showed that children under 14 spend twice as much time on these various personal devices compared to engaging in conversation with family and friends.  I discussed the psychology behind all of this, and outlined the evidence that excessive use of digital devices for social media, for example, can have significant effects on behaviour, relationships, cognitive processing and emotions, and that these may then impact on mental health.  I was interviewed by Sky, London Live, Femail, and various radio stations.