October 2017

Delighted to be asked to be an ambassador for Tourism Northern Ireland to celebrate the revival of one of the most beautiful parts of the U.K. Game of Thrones is shot in 26 locations in the province; they clearly recognise the beauty of the place. A fortune has now been invested in luxury hotels and top class restaurants. The chef in the photographs is Noel McMeel from the Lough Erne Resort who has cooked for a number of US presidents (but not Trump, thankfully!). I finished off a long day of radio and newspaper interviews in Dublin with an appearance on TV3’s 6 o’clock Show. TV3 is Ireland’s equivalent of ITV and the 6 o’clock show is a bit like the One Show. I was interviewed and then had to ‘cook’ with Yvonne Connolly, who is Ronan Keating’s ex. My ‘cooking’ consisted of me slicing a parsnip, but even then she looked slightly alarmed by my culinary skills! The whole thing was great fun though and I think Tourism Northern Ireland were extremely pleased with the exposure.