'Our Racist Heart' now out and gets very positive reviews

February 2013

Professor Mick Billig from Loughborough University described it as ‘a remarkable book….always fascinating, deeply felt and beautifully written.’

Professor David McNeill from the University of Chicago said that it was ‘An up-to-date, revealing, provocative and (in several places) personal book – it is timely, important and elegantly stated.’

Eona Bell in the LSE Review of Books wrote that it was a ‘convincing account of the importance of psychological research in understanding a phenomenon which has very real, and often devastating effects on the life chances of people in stigmatised social groups.’

'Our Racist Heart?' examines implicit, as opposed to explicit, racial attitudes in contemporary British society. It uses new experimental approaches to reveal these implicit attitudes and shows how unconscious biases can influence our everyday actions and thinking. In this exploration of unconscious prejudice I use my own experiences of class and religious prejudice in Northern Ireland to bring this whole process to life, and I discuss implicit prejudice in relation to the history of race, racism and social psychological theory.

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